Welcome to Care Opinion in Education

Welcome to Patient/Care Opinion.

Care Opinion is the independent social enterprise, which began in 2005.  Care Opinion along with the fully integrated Care Opinion, gives the opportunity for the public to feedback experiences of both health care and adult social care.

One outcome of feedback and responses from services on Care Opinion is a public online resource of real-life experiences of patients and carers, in near-real-time, and constantly growing.

This online resource is available to everyone to learn from.  As well as encouraging patient engagement,  service improvements and quality monitoring for public services, its also clear that this is a rich resource for students, staff and researchers to access to gain valuable learning from the public’s view of services.

A wide range of training and education organisations already use Care Opinion for this purpose and to fulfil valuable learning and public engagement requirements.

So in order to get you started as quickly as possible in using this resource, this is brief guidance and tips for a range of students, staff and learners who are part of an educational subscription.  The guidance is there to get you started as quickly as possible.

  1. Your subscription has been set up to facilitate your access to the many thousands of stories on the Patient/Care Opinion websites.  Use the “Getting Started”  and “Resources” links on the right hand side to help you use your subscription for your learning and teaching needs. There are a series of short videos to quickly tell you what you need to know.
  2. If you are a student nurse wishing to contribute feedback, read through the section on the right to access the information you need to get you started.
  3. It is useful if you log in, each time you access the site.  If you are a student this means that your educational body can see you using the site, and others will see that you are reading the stories to help you learn.  Service users and patients tell us how much they value their stories being used for this purpose.
  4. As you use the site you will realise that you can see stories being told about your local hospital or trust or indeed any service or organisation around the country.  You can use tags to find out about particular treatments or types of care. 
  5. Use the search facility to find postings that are useful to you, and collect together stories for case studies, assignments or research projects.  See the resource area for sample assignments, blogs and testimonials about how Care Opinion is being used in other education settings in the UK.
  6. Log in to the learning module to explore the importance of online stories and the place of online engagement in policy and practice.
  7. Come back onto the site and give us your feedback about the use of the site so we can sustain lively and dynamic conversations, about how we all learn about public services through patient, service user and carer stories.  See here for blog posts on using Care Opinion in education.
  8. If you need any help with any aspect of using the site email us info@careopinion.org.uk and please put education in the subject box.