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Audiology services are constantly reviewing the services we provide and listening to feedback from people accessing these services to see what’s going well and where we might make changes or improvements. We have improved access to services through:

  • Vestibular Service – we have introduced this service which can diagnose and treat issues with balance and dizziness. This service is delivered in conjunction with specialist physiotherapists
  • Tinnitus Counselling – we have increased the number of clinics which provide advice on coping strategies to relieve symptoms of persistent and intrusive noises in the ear or head
  • Maintenance classes – we have taught more than 2,500 people hearing aid maintenance, such as replacing tubes
  • Staffing – recruited and trained new staff

The introduction of these services has meant a shorter waiting time for people to be seen as they would previously have needed to wait to see an Ear Nose and Throat specialist before being referred; or would have needed to attend a hearing aid clinic.

Feedback from people accessing audiology services has been positive. Being able to manage their own care is convenient and we are seeing a reduction in the number of people attending clinics for this basic requirement. This in turn allows additional time to be spent with people who have more complex needs.

These classes are also being delivered at group sessions within the community to Nursing Homes and Carers but with more in-depth detail around servicing hearing aids. There has been excellent feedback for these sessions.

Staffing is obviously an area that can also impact on people accessing services. NHS Lanarkshire is at the forefront of a training programme for future Audiologists.

Four years ago, the service recruited two students and supported them to complete the newly established BSc course in Clinical Physiology at Glasgow Caledonian University whilst employed by NHS Lanarkshire.

Team Leaders from NHS Lanarkshire Audiology Service were instrumental working alongside the University and both of them were committed to structuring and delivering the course content.

The staff have been able to consolidate their learning in the workplace whilst completing their professional academic studies and made an increasing contribution to delivery of services as they develop their competencies under the supervision of qualified staff.

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Congratulations to Louise Nash and Sarah Lawson who have recently graduated with 1st Class Honours in Clinical Physiology; a great achievement for them but also a great accomplishment for the Service and the Audiology staff involved in supporting them.

If you have an experience of the Audiology Service you would like to share please speak to a member of staff, respond on Care Opinion or visit the Your Feedback Section of the NHS Lanarkshire website to see the other ways to get in touch

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