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How many people read your stories?

Change from Care Opinion tech

Posted by on

picture of James Munro

Staff logging into Care Opinion to read a story can see, for each story, how many times it has been viewed by website visitors.

But how many times have all the stories in your subscription been read, ever? And how many times in the past week?

To answer these questions we've recently added a little bit of extra information to the top bar when you are logged in. (You can't miss it!) For example, here's what Karen at Taunton and Somerset NHS FT will see when she logs in.

Lifetime public views of storiesThat's all public views, ever. Views, not people: that could be the same person viewing one story 232,292 times... but I hope not.

Recent activity

What about just the recent views? To change the time period, click on the counter and select the period you want.

Changing the time period

Now the counter just shows the recent views. Easy!

Views in the last week.We are keen to share more data of this kind with you - so post a response here and let me know what you'd find useful.

Response from Jane Danforth, Involvement Team, Involvement & Experience, Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust on

Hi James

We love this at Notts Healthcare. Over time it demonstrates the reach of story-based feedback and any trends year on year. Handy for reporting when new teams and services begin to track their progress too. It's quite a motivator too!

For future development? This doesn't relate to views but anything that nudges staff to complete their promised changes (without having to set an alert) would be really helpful. Our Notts 'wish list'.

Response from James Munro, Chief executive, Care Opinion on

Thanks Jane - glad this is useful!

We have some plans to add more reporting around these and related stats for you too... when we get a moment.

In terms of the nudges, we've done two things which might help:

  • We've added a "follow through on the planned change" nudge to standard alerts you get when you add a new member

  • We've updated all Notts members to have this nudge on their existing alerts.

Hope that helps!


Response from Jane Danforth, Involvement Team, Involvement & Experience, Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust on

Thanks James, this is really helpful.

With such a large subscription I sometimes get that sinking feeling when it gets to Friday afternoon and I still haven't caught up on all the things I was meant to do to alert subscribers!

I'm looking forward to more new reporting features in the future.


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