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Stories about social care

Update from Care Opinion Scotland

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We cover social care too

As you know we are now Care Opinion and we cover health and social care services too.

All health boards in Scotland are reading stories and responding.  There's almost a 100% chance that if you share a story about health services you will get a response. 

We are aiming to expand awareness and use in social care now too.

All statutory health services and all adult social care services registered with the Care Inspectorate are listed on Care Opinion.  People can share their stories about any of these services now!  Our commitment is to ensure that the service providers know when a story about them has been read by us, moderated and published on the website.

So what difference does that make?

Sometimes stories mentioning you also mention other health services.  You know you can respond as can the other health service and they usually do. 

Multi agency providers

As we continue to expand awareness in social care you might start to see stories which mention your organisation as well as other health services and social care services.  We think this is one of the benefits of having an integrated health and social care feedback platform.

You might see responses from social care services but they may take a little longer to appear than you're used to (old responding hand you!) or, for a variety of reasons, there may be no response.  

We like to make sure service providers know about Care Opinion and are prepared to receive and respond to stories.  To this end we will:

  • continue to keep in contact with all
    • health and social care partnerships in Scotland;
    • third sector interfaces;
  • liaise with and communicate through the Care Inspectorate and Scottish Care;
  • be present at various events and conferences.

However, it takes time and we're only little!

What does that mean for you?

You shouldn't feel obliged to contact the other service provider(s) - that's our job, but we do very much appreciate any help you can give us to make positive connections!  We're always open to ideas as you know.

You may feel concerned that there is no response from other service providers.  It's not great, we know, but honestly, it was like that in the early days with health services and look where we are now!  

All service providers have the opportunity to respond to stories shared about them on Care Opinion and we will do our very best to encourage but we can't make them.  The fact that they don't respond doesn't mean we won't publish the story.  Again any help you can give us to connect with others would be much appreciated.

Hope that's helpful and do get in touch if you have any questions or comments.

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