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Update from Care Opinion tech

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Regular Patient Opinion users know that we like to give you lots of ways to find what you are looking for. For example, you can search stories by services, location, tags, specialties, conditions, date, author, criticality and so on.

We've recently added another possibility: searching for specific kinds of response. If you are logged in as a subscriber, you can do that here on the search page:

Response search options

Just select the Response search options area to open the options and add to your search.

You can look for responses from your subscription or particular people in it, by time after story publication, by change, helpfulness, and words used.

You can combine these response search terms with all the story ones you have used before, allowing you to create some very specific and powerful searches.

All I want is...

The new response search options create some interesting new search possibilities. For example:

Search for stories with a response from Sheffield CCG

Search for stories with a response from James Munro

Search for stories with a response mentioning "biscuits"

All well and good! But we can go further by combining searches in the usual way.

For example, what about super-fast service improvers?

Stories leading to a change planned or made, within 2 hours of publication

Or what about finding responses which are helpful in addressing significant concerns about care?

Stories which are moderately critical, with a response the author found helpful

Without or without you

All the examples so far have been searching for stories with a specific kind of response. Instead, you can apply search filters to find stories without a specific kind of response.

To do this, when you add a new response search filter, say whether it should search for stories with or without such responses:

Using this, you have plenty more interesting search possibilities. For example:

Stories about Sheffield Teaching Hospitals which the trust didn't respond to within 10 days

Mysterious ways

Can you do more? Of course you can. With a bit of fiddling about you could probably do this:

Stories with a response from both Sheffield CCG and Sheffield Hospitals

I hope that gives you a sense of the new search options available. As always, do ask if you need help and do post your ideas for other things that would be useful.

Response from Richard Morris on

I'm logged in but I can't see Story Search or Response Search options.

Response from James Munro, Chief executive, Care Opinion on

Many apologies Richard. I should have made clear that the story and response search options are only available to subscribers.

I've updated the blog post slightly to make this clear.

As a public users, are there any specific search possibilities here you think might be useful to you?

This blog post is closed to responses.

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