Why diversity within the NHS is so important

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As well as engaging with Patient Opinion we have our own internal patient feedback tool we call "Your Care Matters".  One of the great things about is that everyday we get commendations about our staff.  A lot of them are about specific people and some are more generic.   One of the ones that came in today really a hit a note for me and I wanted to share it as it seem very relevant given certain conversations in the national press about immigration and related matters.

The commendation was about one of our wards but it applies to the whole hospital and the whole NHS.

"I regret I did not write down several names I would like to thank. To over a dozen friends, including several NHS doubters in the USA I wrote: I light a candle with gratitude to a largely immigrant team at East Surrey Hospital. Thanks to them I have a new stainless steel knee. The operating team was Chinese, Indian, German, English and Cornish. My carers included Scottish Doctor Mary, nurses and physical therapists from the Philippines, Poland, and six African Nations."

This seems to be to sum up so much what is great about the NHS and the UK as a whole and I for one wouldnt want it changed.

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