"Emergency dental care from a wonderful dentist"

About: East Lancashire Teaching PCT / Emergency dental service

(as a parent/guardian),

My 4 year old Dutch grandson visited us this year for Christmas, and the dreaded thing happened. We went for a lovely walk through Whalley Abbey on Christmas Day, and he fell and knocked his tooth out on some ancient stone steps. Worse still, another tooth was very loose.

Amidst the cries and the bleeding, we rushed to get tissues and got him home as quickly as possible. My son was horrified and worried about what to do. I eventually managed to contact a dentist via our own dentist's emergency service, after going round in circles with NHS Direct.

Dr Alison Whittaker was the dentist on call for Wright and Schofield Dental Practice, Clitheroe. We arranged to meet her at the surgery, and felt sorry to be calling her away from her family at Christmas. When we arrived (at the back door) she welcomed us in and immediately made us feel comfortable, less anxious and safe.

Her beaming smile and reassuring manner was just what we needed and she must have had the same calming effect on my grandson, as he happily climbed onto the examination couch. That's no mean feat for a little child who is in a strange country and has just had a painful and frightening trauma.

My son and I want to thank this wonderful dentist. She made such a difference to our lives that day, and more importantly I am sure her manner and approach will have a positive lasting impression on my grandson's perception of a 'visit to the dentist'. And that is a far cry from my experience, at his age.

What a star.