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(as a parent/guardian),

My daughter had treatment for cervical cancer. When returning home to Kilmarnock, she had the pain relief management using the district nurses to administer extra pain relief. First via pump then when she had to come off this an injection was given when needed. Care was for most nurses had care and compassion and had demonstrated good duty of care.

The problem arose from the day she told the service that she had news - the tumour was away. The person in charge decided to now to reduce the amount of pain relief in the injection which didn’t work for my daughter. Then would only write in notes - "as prescribed" - no amount mentioned (I thought this was not allowed, if other emergency services were called in they need to know).

Then attitudes began to change, comments were made about how she should be back to work by now and not lying in bed.

The short of it is this I’m worried sick my daughter, having had enough, has changed over all her medication that would have been administered by district nurses as she has had enough - to the GP who had asked her to think of what medication she thinks she should come off. My daughter also thinks this may be being influenced by district nursing. If she is not well, how can she make this decision with a clear head while on cancer treatment drugs?

Also if my daughter can make this decision why would district nursing leads not listen to my daughter about the amount of pain relief that helped her. Very contradictory treatment. I do not know any names to report this to the correct team.

I hope someone can signpost me as my daughter is suffering and has lost weight. About Four weeks ago I phoned for her GP to give me a call as I was concerned.

I never got a reply. I knew this would escalate with my daughter made to feel the pain is all in her mind. Well I think if they understood what Brachytherapy entails or had compassion/empathy they would realise the damage this could cause for years to come. And that radiation and chemo can leave patients with nerve damage.

Hope there is someone reading this who can help me to find who I can talk to as clinical lead. As I don’t see my daughter coping with being off her medication, and in my opinion not one staff member has taken this seriously enough. Just made referrals with a years waiting list.
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