"Aspects are missing"

About: Lincoln County Hospital / Respiratory medicine United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust

(as a service user),

I was sent to A&E by 111 after showing covid symptoms that were getting worse. 

I was sent to RAZ by the desk near the ambulances. 

I waited over 90 minutes from arrival to having my OBS taken despite having chest pains and breathing difficulty. I sat in the corridor and waited. No social distancing between me and the elderly patient on a bed next to me. Also a covid positive patient was allowed to roam the corridor without a mask covering his face and use the same toilets as other patients without sanitizer measures. A while later I was told I needed bloods and that was fine. The nurse who was agency sat me on a chair in the corridor told me I had to have a canula. I have a huge fear of canulars due to past experiences. I declined and said I’d just like blood through a normal needle. This was refused and they kept pressuring me to have a canula. I told them no twice. Still proceeded and put the tornaqae on my arm. Rather than clipping it, it was twisted round and knotted. I said it was too tight and it was hurting and to get off me.. I said this twice before eventually it was taken off and I was told to do it myself. By this point it had broken the skin on my arm and caused a large bruise. I have Asperger’s syndrome and this scared me, I was still pressured to have a canula and at this point I walked outside crying in pain and fear. 

I spoke to my sister who is involved in safeguarding and she got in touch with the site manager. After I calmed down I went back in. No apology, I was ignored for 45 minutes before another nurse did my bloods with super ease and was fab. Following a further 2.5 hour wait I had all of my tests completed.  

I’m now even more scared of canulas.




In my view, these aspects are missing from this hospital. 

Today my symptoms are no better and my upper arm has a huge bruise and lump. 

It was horrendous. This is totally unprofessional.  

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