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About: Broomfield Hospital / General medicine

(as a relative),

My brother in law is currently an inpatient in the acute medical ward in Broomfield Hospital in Chelmsford. Well at least I think he is!

We as a family believe he was transferred there this week approximately 12 md. His partner could not get anyone to answer the phone that day to ascertain how he was or get any update on his condition. After trying till approx 3pm the next day and still no calls being answered re an update my husband called the complaints department and a couple of hours later a nurse called his partner to update her.

Today she has Tried to call all day- no answer. My father in law (80years old) called today, eventually someone answered then hung up. We live approx 500miles away. I’m horrified that no one will answer to provide an update on the his care. I appreciate staff are busy but this is unacceptable. We still have no idea how he is several days after admission.