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About: Ipswich Hospital

I had an appointment scheduled for 9:15 on 2 June. Due to covid-19, I received a letter stating this would be a telephone appointment which is fine. I had my blood tests done elsewhere and on the morning of the appointment I cleared my diary of meetings so i could take the call. I expected it to be a little later than the scheduled time as the department often runs behind which again is fine. At 12:30 I had heard nothing so telephoned the number on the letter I had received. The secretary had no idea why nobody had called me and suggested they reschedule the appointment for another time.

It could be a couple of weeks before I receive a letter and even longer before I get to speak to someone.

It's pretty stressful really. I feel unwell and have concerns about my bloods. But I can't speak to anybody about them. I don't understand why I was given an appointment time if nobody ever had any intentions of calling me.

This area has some seriously ill patients, one day I may become one of them. This doesn't give me much hope.

While the pandemic rips through the world, we all have to be a little bit more patient and a little bit braver. I understand that. But why add to people's stress by giving them an appointment and then ignoring it like it doesn't matter.

This may not have been the doctor's most important call of the day but it was mine.

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Response from Patient Experience Insight and Improvement Officer, East Suffolk and North Essex Foundatin Trust last month
East Suffolk and North Essex Foundatin Trust
Submitted on 05/06/2020 at 16:28
Published on Care Opinion at 16:28

Many thanks for letting us know about your recent experience. I am sorry if this has caused you any unnecessary stress and anxiety. We would like to look into this further but require some extra information. Could you please give me a call on 01473741373 at your convenience so we can obtain the information we need. Many thanks - Steve Bruce - Patient Experience Team