"Antenatal care is fantastic, post natal needs work"

About: Homerton University Hospital

After an uncomplicated pregnancy with fantastic care from the midwives i saw, i was admitted to Homerton for an induction after my waters broke (strep b positive). 2 failed inductions later, i was taken for an emergency c section and cannot fault anyone who took care of me. Where it went wrong was the post natal ward, i gave birth at 21:39 and by the afternoon the day after, was asked if i wanted to be discharged. I was allowed to say no, which i did. The ward was packed and particularly at night the midwives gathered by the table chatting not really noticing any women who needed help. When i wrote to PALS i was then contacted by the maternity unit saying it was standard practice that even C Section patients are offered discharge at 24 hours, my proposed discharged was quite a lot shy of 24 hours and in my opinion just not appropriate. In my antenatal classes we were told by the midwife, that the team were aware that the post natal ward needed work and she was very correct

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