"Patronising Treatment"

About: Raigmore Hospital / Gynaecology Raigmore Hospital / Respiratory Medicine

(as the patient),

I had severe endometriosis many year's ago and I ultimately had a hysterectomy in 3 stages with 3 major operation's but was so upset by the lack of understanding by Gynaecologist's at Raigmore, that I found an amazing Consultant at Woodend Hospital, Aberdeen, who understood that I was desperate to have children and did everything they could. The Nurses were wonderful and apart from 2 nurses, I think that they are angels who don't always get the thanks they deserve. 

I feel that Raigmore should consider having a meeting with Consultant's and their patient's and open their ear's, drop the arrogant, patronising attitude and listen to us! We will try not to bore them! Apart from one doctor and their amazing team (!) !

I have had a lot of health problems and would, now that I am older, like to be treated with respect but saying that, I am truly grateful to the Nursing Staff etc. and please keep well and keep safe. Thank you so much for all that you are doing for us during these scary and strange times and I truly send you all my love and gratitude.