"Outstanding Care"

About: Clifton Park Hospital

I cannot thank the whole staff of Clifton Park for their fantastic care and attention. I have had two knee replacements in the past 18 months and every single member of the hospital has been amazing.

I made a quick recovery from the first operation and a VERY quick recovery from the most recent one.

I have been able to revert to a normal life again instead of limping with pain and only managing short walks. Now, my Border Collie knows what a real walk is like!!

The whole staff deserve to be commended for pre-op care, post-op care - oh and not forgetting the surgeon himself and his theatre staff!

I was unable to do a face to face thank you and hand shake, due to the current pandemic situation, but the surgeon did a follow up telephone consultation - and I'm not allowed to mention any of you by name but you all know who you are.

Thank you, thank you, thank you

Story from nhs.uk