"I felt that I was being judged"

About: Raigmore Hospital / Gastroenterology

(as the patient),

My story is a long one but I will try to keep it brief! I was referred to Raigmore with pain under my right ribs but unfortunately,  was sent, firstly for a Sigmoidoscopy where the staff member I saw treated me as though I was a hypochondriac and said that I didn't need the procedure. When I complained about this, it was denied and excuses were made. The Nurses were and are wonderful however. 

Then I was sent to another specialist who sent me for Scans, Colonoscopy etc. and after a year I became angry and asked why they were still looking at the large bowel when I kept complaining about pain under my right ribs and had lost a lot of weight. I felt that the doctors were judging me because I had suffered with anxiety and depression. Long story short, it turned out I had pneumonia and my wonderful Thoracic Consultant found that I had a tumour in my lung. That tumour had shown on a previous Xray 2 year's previously but had been overlooked or ignored! 

I will never, ever trust that department again. I would love beg them to listen to their patients because we know our bodies and are not going to tell lies about our health. I NEVER want to attend there again but unfortunately, my bowel test has now come back positive for blood and I have a large hernia which is causing problems. I was supposed to be going for a colonoscopy which has now been postponed after this awful virus hit, but I don't want to go anyway. Having had cancer and a lobectomy, I have a big decision to make. 

I want to wish all of the worker's in the National Health good luck and I hope they stay safe and the majority of the staff truly are angel's and I want to say thank you so much for all that you do and please keep safe.

Staff attitude

Staff attitude