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(as the patient),

This week I had  an urgent mammogram at Crosshouse. I have been self isolating for the past week because of a health conscious diction specified in the 'vulnerable' category. I was able to keep 2m away from people from the entrance to the X Ray Dept. The receptionist was very professional and friendly. Thank her for that. I stood away from the two women waiting and was listening to the latest from the First Minister and Scottish politician. A member of staff came to turn up the volume which was fine.However they went on to make a flippant comment which I found inappropriate. We know nothing about what's happening. This did not Instil confidence. As a member of NHS staff myself I was taken aback because we are sent an email Daily Digest and Newsflash. Also there was an open session on at the hospital that day. 

All else was fine. I would have liked reassured that the plastic basket was anti bac between patients. 

Today I went to Outpatient area 2 to see the surgeon. There were at least 20/30 people waiting all sitting in close proximity. The whole area was very quiet and people could have been split up. Chairs could have been removed to create distance. My partner and I waited down the short corridor at 2a area. The surgeon was very professional and clearly experienced. The student nurse was lovely. And they were all very respectful. My partner is a wheelchair user and plenty of space to accommodate that. Thank you.

Then we went off to X-ray again. 

This time there was a sign in the desk about Covid 19 and symptoms and the same lovely receptionist asked the relevant questions. There was a sign that said 'if you are self isolating....' to inform. I did that and they had NO idea what to do but did go to check, came back and asked us to sit amongst the busy waiting area!  

We were then offered a potentially infected laminated waiting number which we declined. We waited in the corridor.

The nurse who came  to fetch us was lovely. This nurse offered to push my partners wheelchair but since we saw them wipe their nose on their bare arm, we declined. 

Another blue plastic basket to navigate. Had it been cleaned since I was there the other day?

Consultant and the nurse were informative and supportive and I thank them. The bourse was painless yay!

Back to Waiting area 2 which was quieter but tried to maintain the requisite 2 metres with difficulty. 

Offered a phone call with results instead of a visit. Good call!  

Thanks where thanks are few. But shocking in the lack of precautions. I've been offered home working and I'm glad I dont have to go back into hospital  until after this crisis.

I hope you understand that I am not an anxious person. I am an NHS Staff member and am thinking maybe I shouldn't have retired so early!!

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Response from Lisa Marley, Superintendent Radiographer, Medical Imaging, UHC, NHS Ayrshire and Arran last week
We have made a change
Lisa Marley
Superintendent Radiographer, Medical Imaging, UHC,
NHS Ayrshire and Arran
Submitted on 02/04/2020 at 15:33
Published on Care Opinion at 22:12

Hi gems,

I can only respond the points you raise about the x-ray department.

Thanks for your feedback. The day you attended our department we were in the process of updating our signage for patients and starting to put some new processes in place for patients and staff. The past week has seen us make a number of major changes to the way in which we deliver imaging services, it has been a real challenge for us all!

It's very disappointing for you to have heard staff 'don't know what's happening'. Each morning myself (or one of the other Superintendent Radiographers) meet with staff as a group to discuss any issues that we need to be aware of for the coming shift. Like you say all staff are sent communications such as Daily Digest and Newsflash and I actively encourage staff to read these! It's also really disappointing that you have witnessed some poor hand hygiene in our department, we always aspire to an excellent standard of hand hygiene and regularly perform audits in this field.



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Update posted by gems (the patient)

With thanks Lisa. Yes things are changing on practically an hourly basis. I know everyone is under such terrible stress and strain. So much of this was understandable. And I know managing or communicating with everyone can be like herding goldfish lol! Usually I would get all that but when faced with the potential of a cancer diagnosis my empathy went out the window. 6 days after my appointment my partner and I had symptoms and went in to isolation despite trying to take precautions as we negotiated the corridors. We are fine now. I wish you all well and hope you are getting rested in case of a future onslaught. And I hope that you have Ppe necessary. Thanks for taking time to respond. That means a lot especially at this time.