"Emergency Eye Examination"

About: Royal Stoke University Hospital / Ophthalmology

(as the patient),

As a daily contact lense wearer I was not the best before the incident in keeping a strict grip on steps to avoid infection. Bathing in them etc. I noticed redness in my left eye causing a small corneal ulcer to appear. I went to my own Optician who referred me to the eye clinic.

I was given an appointment that day in the afternoon and was seen by a opthalmic doctor albeit a few hours after my appointment time. 

However with patients coming in off ward I was just grateful to get seen that day so the wait was nothing more than chill time 

The nurses and staff are lovely and they give off an instant rapport with you. 

Initial Eye Test when I entered the waiting area also. 

I was prescribed a eye drop antibiotics and an appointment was booked in for 3 days later. 

I did have a slap on the wrists from the eye doc over the importance of contact lense and eye care which I took in. 

Great service