About: North Baddesley Surgery

My Mum is housebound. Also very deaf. I have continually asked the surgery not to call her as she cannot hear on the phone. Today I hear two messages left on her ansaphone to ask her to call back. I had to make several calls to surgery to get a home visit for foot pain and ear check,doctor visited and left me message re the X Ray result which I was happy with. However, no mention that ear drops had been prescribed, apparently sent to chemist, over a week later she still has not received them.i called the surgery today to ask if a referral was sent for home audiometry to be told an e referral was there from a week ago waiting to collected. I was not told this so called in surgery to see why home audiometry had not been requested. No joy, so I asked if I could be contacted today to let me know why no one seems to listen that Mum IS HOUSEBOUND. I also insisted that her telephone number be deleted from their records so that she will no longer get upset and anxious when they call.i am not local to her and work therefore it is not always easy to keep running across the city to sort out incompetences . There have been numerous inadequate services with this surgery going back for a year or more. I will not be fobbed off with the constant excuses, I also work as a Practice nurse and I am fully aware of the difficulties they have. However, this is a totally inefficient service and if left to manage on her own, would be in a very different place now- let down by it all.

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