"Asked for help to stop smoking"

About: Orsett Surgery

(as the patient),

I waited 3 weeks to see a doctor to get help to quit smoking, I have been a smoker for 30 years and I made the decision to quit and needed help as quickly as possible so 3 weeks seemed along time to wait, when I saw the doctor who told me I had to attend the stop smoking clinic and that they would refer me over to them. I was very disappointed and thought that the doctor would give me the tablets that I needed to help me quit so my journey to quit would start from leaving the surgery so I thought, the doctor told me that it would take at least another 2 weeks for the smoking clinic to contact me with an appointment and get the tablets, my decision to quit now started to disappear.

What's the point when you ask for help and get made to wait even longer, 2 weeks later I had a letter from the quit smoking clinic to call them and make an appointment I did this and attended only to be told by the health professional that they were really sorry that I had to wait and the doctors surgery should have given me the clinic number to call instead of waiting for the doctor, I had my health check with the clinic staff member and now I was informed that I had to take a letter back to my doctors to collect my prescription for the tablets 🙄

So I handed them into reception as the pharmacy bit was not open this was on a Wednesday around 1pm the receptionist reassured me the tablets would be ready to collect by Friday afternoon, I was away for that weekend and said would it be ok to collect it on the Monday afternoon,   I was told yes they will definitely be ready by then, so I thought great at last I can start my journey to quitting,   how wrong was I.   

This is not the first time that wrong information has been given.  I went to collect my tablets to be told that they didn't have them the letter I gave them on the Wednesday had been scanned into the computer but a doctor had not seen it yet and has to see it before they can do the prescription then they needed 2 days to order it in, I will not be using your dispensary it due to my experiences.  I have for a long time now only ever collected the paper prescription and took it to my own chemist who can give me my medication on the same day.

I feel the staff at this surgery have given out the wrong information in the past and when that happens its very unprofessional.