About: Chester Le Street Hospital / Gynaecology

(as the patient),

3 years ago  I  had  this. There  was no  information  on it  sent and  once  in the  Consultants  room I  was  told it    was  just  a mild  discomfort and  they  would  do it  there and then. I have  never  felt pain like  it,   I broke part of a tooth my teeth were  clenched  so hard. Broke  down in tears  after it.

Now I have  to have  another  and  trying  to  get in contact    with them  to  arrange sedation this  time has been    difficult. I tried to ring the Consultants secretary, and same as the Gynae Nurse Practitioners number, "does not exist" the only number left I hadn't tried was CLINIC which turned out to another Hospital, and from there I was transferred to  my  local clinic where I spoke to a nurse who took my details and concerns and that I wanted sedation, and said they'd pass it on to the consultants secretary, but if I didn't hear back, .. to keep my appointment  as other tests might be done and I could refuse the hysteroscopy then, at which point another appointment would be made. They also made note that the phone numbers were wrong on the leaflet. The  offer  of  sedation should be made straight  away    that  way no ones  time  need  be  wasted. , and the  time  spent  worrying  would  be  alleviated quickly.