"The receptionist at epu (wadu)"

About: Barnet Hospital / Gynaecology North Middlesex Hospital / Gynaecology

(as the patient),

The receptionist was very rude! They slagged everyone off they showed no respect bear in mind this is an early pregnancy assessment area where worrying mums are waiting to be seen.

Anyhow my doctor sent my to north mid to get checked although I was early

Pregnant but due to previous miscarriage she wanted to rule an ectopic out etc anyhow they refused to scan me as I was early fair enough.. I had my bhcg done in the morning and was promised  results within a few hours however I didn’t get them till the next day and that was with me ringing up!!

The member of staff said they are very slow at 16. I said ok so what does this mean they said nothing come in tomorrow for a scan and another bloods scan showed thickening of womb however they were very rude and didn’t tell me nothing or reassure me just that no pregnancy was there.

So I had more bloods again same thing I had to ring up the next day for results and it had gone to 150 less then 48 hrs however the person was still rude and reassuring and said oh they are still very low, I said but is it a good thing?? Response was well they are just very low come in for a scan next week. 

I didn’t like their tune I also started having pain I rung up to let them know and the receptionist said go to A&E I said but I’m under you guys my doctors put me under your care I have a scan. Next week they still didn’t care. So I went bArnet and I tell you what!! The care at bArnet is exceptional they were very reassuring and when I explained what north mid said “low hcg” blablabla and was told we all have to start somewhere, me and the baby will be fine if I should have any pain come back. They also booked me in for a scan next week, I will be turning up to north mid to see how they do this scan and if they still have a foul attitude!