"Dismissive and rude "

About: White House Surgery

I have been registered at this practise for just shy of 25 years, and in the past few years, every time myself or a family member have visited, it has been appalling. I visited this week wanting to have something checked as I have had similar symptoms before that turned out to be quite serious 3 years prior and was hospitalised for it. The receptionist was blunt with no smile and very condescending. I needed to provide a urine sample, but was told I would need to purchase one at the pharmacy. I noticed the toilet was out of order so asked where I could use one upon my return, which I was asked to “speak up” so had to embarrass myself in front of everyone in the waiting room and ask the same question. The reply? “What you mean that one over there?” pointing to a toilet that I did not know was there hidden around the corner from the out of order one. As for the appointment itself, it took 30 seconds for them to prod me in an area forcefully which I had not said where the pain was, and when I flinched, I was told it was a muscle tear. No questions were asked if it could have been a muscle tear like exercise, lifting something heavy, none of which I had done to warrant a torn abdominal muscle. I left mortified and humiliated, and felt like I was being treated like one of those people that visits on a weekly basis with a cold. When I had the severe problem and symptoms three years prior, I left it so late that I could barely move and had to be hospitalised overnight, and was told to never leave it that long again and to always get it checked if unsure (safe to say if you ever find that you need treatment in Australia, you’re better of flying out there than going to the White House). So, that’s what I did this time around, and I got treated like that. Damned if I do or don’t do the right thing apparently. I’m in the process of changing practices, and at the moment I’m better off going to the walk in centre. My family has a history of anxiety and depression; I don’t envy anybody that feels like they need help when they’re in their darkest of times and has to speak to an emotionless, cold human being at the reception before they can be seen.

Story from nhs.uk