"5 Star Care & Service - SICD Replacement."

About: Blackpool Victoria Hospital

Due to my problems with an existing implanted SICD defibrillator, my wife and myself attended a meeting with the team on 03.01.20. It was agreed that my existing unit should be replaced, and a date was set for the operation 08.01.20.

I would like to thank all the staff within the Cardiac Day Care Unit where I attended, and then had an overnight stay. From my arrival the staff were professional caring and supportive.

I would like to give a special thanks to the team for the service I received. From the assessment of the original problem, to clearly identifying the options that were available to me, and to the procedure itself. The service was speedy, caring, efficient, and so very reassuring being around these professional well organised people. Prior to being put to sleep in the theatre I remember everyone moving around with purpose, which reminded me of a well choreographed routine, and feeling quite humbled that all this equipment and these professional people were here to help me.

Many thanks to all.


The theatre suits used from the outpatient area are far more comfortable and modest, as opposed to the tie up at the back aprons.

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