"There has been no follow up"

About: Crosshouse Hospital / Paediatric Surgery

(as a parent/guardian),

My son attended for paediatric day surgery. He had his op, but unfortunately he started excessively bleeding from his wound while in recovery. 

The nurses that dealt with it were excellent but unfortunately they were left to deal with a situation that needed someone more senior. 

The surgeon was alerted that my son was bleeding , but was in surgery at the time. The nurses had to stop the bleeding with manual pressure, bandages and clotting patches from theatre. My son had no extra pain relief at this time although we’d been asking for it beforehand. 

The nurses at the time thought he might have to go back to theatre but when the surgeon finally arrived a few hours later they didn’t feel this was necessary. This surgeon did not check my son's wound at all. 

My son was very weak on leaving hospital and had to be taken out in a wheelchair. 

Upon coming home his recovery was a lot longer than it should be as obviously he’d had a lot of intervention after the surgery. 

There has been no follow up apart from a nurse checking his stitches a week later. I feel that I don’t know why all this happened, if there had been some follow up I could ask a few more questions. I feel he should have been checked more, iron levels, haemoglobin levels and his clotting factor. 

It’s been a very traumatic experience for my young son and I, made only easier by the quick thinking and lovely nurses.