"Lack of communication and basic care"

About: Pilgrim Hospital / Accident and emergency

(as the patient),

Was sent to Pilgrim hosp Boston by my GP in Jan 2020 for urgent IV antibiotics for a secondary bout of pneumonia within 2 weeks. I am a renal transplant patient with severe bone  disease.

I arrived at A& E approx 5pm was seen immediately for bloods an an iv cannula put in. When taking bloods nurse made a severe bleed then a second nurse came in and put the cannula in was then sent to a waiting room. After many hours, was eventually sent for chest xray was then tried to be given antibiotics but the cannula came through the other side of my arm causing a further bleed and severe swelling. Doctor was called to put another cannula in using ultra sound.

I was then given antibiotics by drip and paracetamol by drip. Was left for hours sitting in waiting area with 2 empty drips I had to wait till approx 8am the next day for a bed in a ward. Was in extreme pain having to sit for such a long period of time.

When taken there the porter had to put a sheet on the bed not sure if bed had been cleaned as no notice on to say it had been. A nurse eventually came in to take my blood pressure ect and I was put on a antibiotic drip with paracetamol not sure how long it was before I saw a doctor, but was very late in the afternoon.

When time to get down for sleep I asked the nurse for a pillow and blanket, response was sorry. So had to sleep with dressing gown over me. During the night I was then taken to another ward, again not having much sleep and in a lot of pain. There, once again antibiotics were tried to be given but by syringe nurse tried to push in to fast and blew the cannula another cannula was put in and antibiotics given.

No pain medication so I took my own along with my renal meds. Was seen by a doctor to be told that of the 2 antibiotics I had been given one was wrong and counteracting the other. At not one time did any doctor consult with my renal consultant at my normal hospital or even a consultant at Lincoln.

Doctors were reading my renal bloods wrong I became very upset, angry due to the pure lack of knowledge that no one person seemed to know how to care for a renal transplant patient, no communication.