"Refusing a Mammogram"

About: King Edward VII Hospital / Breast surgery

(as a service user),

I told my GP that I would not have a Mammogram on principle, she accepted this; however this didn’t seem to be in my notes when I went to the Parapet Breast Clinic in Windsor. 

This seemed to not sit well with the consultant I saw who disagreed with my decision which was based on informed and intelligent research. 

I knew there were other ways of seeing what was going on without another dose of radiation on one of the most delicate areas of a woman’s body. 

Mammograms are becoming controversial, and about time too. 

The consultant examined me physically in a way I felt was highly unusual and quite honestly a bit suspect to me. 

In fact totally bizarre!!!!

It was like she was kneading dough!

These were my breasts and very painful and tender applied to one of them. 

I felt as I was being examined by some total novice in some bush back water!

And this a breast consultant. 

She didn’t seem bothered about my dignity or my feelings for this strange and unusual handling of my body parts,

all she was bothered about was the fact I refused a Mammogram that squashes a woman’s breasts to the tune of 40 lbs of pressure. That’s approx 20 bags of sugar!!!!

And to top that off, stream ionised radiation into breasts for good measure!!!!!

Sweden has rethought its Mammogram program, other countries will follow. 

How did I feel after this bad treatment of myself?

I actually felt ‘Victorious’ that I had stuck to my principle of refusing harmful draconian treatment. 

I also felt like dragging this consultant off for a Mammogram and subjecting her breasts to the same treatment that she was so determined to convince me how much I needed one and that Mammograms were the best way to find cancers. 

Well the truth I have found from my research is they are neither safe or reliable. 

And will one day go down in the history books of medical intervention as we now look on Mercury fillings!!!!

Mercury is one of the most poisonous metals known to man, it causes all sorts of ills and yet it was hailed as safe and was shoved into the holes in our teeth to slowly erode over time into our blood streams.