"Ectopic Pregnancy"

About: Stoke Mandeville Hospital / Maternity

(as the patient),

Before I started, I wish   that I didn't have to go through this, but it's life!

In November 2019 as the appointment was scheduled to go to do the Early scan , so I arrived before the scheduled time, anxious to see my baby for the first time.

After filling out a paper that the very kind reception lady asked me to fill out, I was soon called to do the  scan.

As i came to  the room seeing that machine gave me a joy to know that I was finally there, yes it was very real.

But unfortunately happiness lasted very shortly, the doctor asked how many weeks pregnant i was , I said, seven weeks, Saturday was going to be  eight weeks.

Then she asked to have a second opinion and then came another doctor, I started to wonder and thought that something was not right, and so it happened. The doctor looked at me and said, with a sad look, sorry but your baby is not where it should be, and showed, I couldn't  understand what  was going on, I felt a tightness, did not know how to accept what was happening to me.

They asked to wait because the nurse was coming to talk to me in a moment.

The nurse arrived and started  to explain what was happening, after so much explanation , i  was diagnosed with  Ectopic Pregnancy, my floor fell into pieces, started to cry, surgery would have to be necessary, because the baby could not grow where it was and the tube could be taken because it will be  serious risks for me.

Yes, it was happening, a room was being prepared for me to begin operation at Theaters, the hours passed and I just cried, wondering time and time again why this was happening to me.

Throughout the day I was always very well looked after  by wonderful professionals, nurses, doctors, staff, anesthetic everyone was wonderfull, I have no words to described, a huge THANK YOU! to EVERYONE!

The time came, everything was ready to go to the operation, the time was almost 19;00 o'clock, and when I find myself, everything was over, still with the anestetic on my body,  started  crying and  asking to see my baby, it was lots of blood , still very dizzy I did not see right, but realized that everything was over.

Back at Recovery Ward 16B was my husband, his face covered in tears, we both cried, there are no words to describe this enormous pain.

I thank all the team that was looking so well after  me during these hours, they were wonderful, everyone, thank you very much!

Early Pregnancy Unit

Theaters / Recovery

Ward 16B