About: Good Hope Hospital / Gynaecology

(as the patient),

I have been an inpatient on ward 2, I first off want to say a huge praise to the nurses and I would like to praise the HCAs, the student nurses all of them were amazing. One in particular was amazing all above have gone and beyond there line off duty for me, caring for me, not judging, treating me with dignity and respect and when Ive pressed my buzzer they have been there and been there for me and helped me out so much.

The only thing that was upsetting was one night I can't remember the staff member's name, but I was in so much pain unable to pass water 😭from Friday afternoon 530pm. I had told the nurses and they were keeping an eye on me, so it came to 715pm and I was in absolute agony as I still couldn't passed water, so I pressed my buzzer and a nurse came and said they would come bladder scan me. So at 930pm a staff member came and bladder scanned me 😭at this point I was in absolute agony, I told them I was in pain but was only given paracetamol, they wouldn't give me anything else 😭.

Then at round about 2230 they decided to put a catheter in. The nurse kept calling me jade, and saying jade relax - my name's not even jade 😭but I was in too much pain to correct them. When they were making the area clean they were a bit rough down there 😭and it hurt, but they kept saying jade can you relax for me. The nurse couldn't get it in, so the doctor had to come and put it in didn't hurt me and got it in with ease.

I had gone to the toilet after this to clean myself up and when I get back the nurse said Jade your medication is on the table 😭still my name isn't jade. Later on in the night I pressed my buzzer as I was in agony, I didn't want to press it again as it looked as if I was annoying the nurse, so now I've been afraid to press it when I'm in agony 😭.

Apart from that the care I've received here and still receiving is amazing you all work so damm hard and your all under pressure but keep doing what your doing, thank you to all the staff who are doing an amazing job keeping my pain undercontrol