"Hysteroscopy clinic attendance"

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(as the patient),

Sent to Grantham hospital for tests and scan. Then Boston Hysteroscopy clinic for camera investigation. 

At both appoints Grantham and Boston in October staff were very helpful and caring. 

Boston especially Rachel , Anita and Sister Holvey were fantastic I was very nervous and they made me feel at ease. 

Unfortunately since both my appointments I have had to chase up results which were going to be sent to my GP. When calling my GP surgery they were not very helpful just saying we don't have the results and not offering to chase these up. 

All appointments and test were classed as urgent and I am still awaiting results. I call Boston hospital they were able to give me the result of my Grantham Biopsy which thank goodness was clear but there has been a hold up in the lab at Boston for my results from October now nearly 6 weeks. I called Hysteroscopy clinic well women clinic receptionist was very helpful and apologised for the hold up said he would chase this up for me. 

I am concerned that these tests were classed as urgent and I am still waiting results 6 weeks after. I don't feel I will have anything to worry about but I just want results to put my mind at rest.