"Gynecology Emergency Department and Elsden Ward"

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(as the patient),

Where do I begin? I started this posting as I was sat in a bed on the emergency gynecology ward. You would think that an emergency gynecology ward would be equipped to deal with all complications including post miscarriage and abortion treatment. But that isn't where my story begins... 

Back in October I went to A&E at Basildon University Hospital in excruciating pain in my right side. I was told it seems I have a cyst rupture. My husband and I had just got married, and we had been trying for a baby for a few weeks, I had just gotten off the contraceptive pill. A&E arranged a scan for me a few days later which picked up a lemon sized cyst on my right ovary. Despite the size of the cyst I was told to wait over a month for an urgent gynecologist referral. My cyst had other ideas and ruptured 2 days later.

I was admitted to Elsden Ward by Basildon Hospital's A&E Department. I stayed on Elsden ward for 3 nights in complete agony. I saw a surgeon on the ward who said they weren't sure whether to operate on me, and that there isn't much they could do for my pain except wait and see what happens. That night I was in excruciating pain and a nurse was angry at me for pressing my buzzer whilst I was crying in agony. I was told to stop pressing it and that it was for emergencies. I thought being in complete agony was an emergency and that I required more pain killers to get me through the night. This nurse told me outright that there's nothing else they could do there to help me, I should just quiet. So I pulled my own cannula out and left the hospital in the middle of the night.

2 days later I came back to the hospital in excruciating pain. I was told I was actually a month pregnant and was rushed into theatre to have an ovarian cyst drained and fluid removed. I was sent home the morning after (12 hours after surgery). Since the surgery I have been back at Elsden Ward at least 5 times in agony, each time I have felt ignored. This left me with no choice but to terminate my planned pregnancy. It has been absolutely devastating for my husband and I.

6 days ago we had a medical termination (tablet method) at Marie Stopes and took the final pills at home. I was fine until 3 days ago when I began having excruciating pain and signs of serious infection. Marie Stopes told me to go to my GP, who then gave me coamoxiclav and metronidazole and told me if symptoms do not improve in 24 hours or get worse, to visit Basildon Hospital. I then rang a nurse at Marie Stopes in agony this morning who told me to go to hospital immediately. I went to Basildon Hospital and was told I have a severe pelvic infection. I also have signs of a kidney infection which seems to have been ignored by the consultant I have seen today. I raised a complaint a couple of weeks ago and heard the nurses saying nasty comments about me today.

I had a scan which showed left over placenta and tissue in my uterus causing severe infection. The nurse argued with my husband and I and asked us what we expected them to do about it. I have met one nurse who acted compassionately on the ward but 9/10 did not. The consultants do not seem to have a clue what they are doing and I believe it is putting lives at risk. The consultant said I have a severe infection in my pelvis (so bad you can smell it) and that I should wait two weeks for it to pass. The consultant I saw came up to me again 30 mins later when I was crying in agony and said that honestly, there is actually nothing they could do for me there at Basildon. I would need to go back to Marie Stopes. They don't do abortion or miscarriage complication aftercare at Basildon. They let me know this 9 hours after admission.

I should be transferred to somewhere such as Chelmsford or Southend Hospital where I can receive emergency D&C treatment to remove the infected tissue and placenta that is currently sat in my uterus. This complication I currently have is life threatening. My bloods show an elevated white blood cell count and I have a severe infection. Yet, Basildon Hospital are sending me home. The infection has spread up my abdomen into my kidneys, this seems to have been completely ignored and right now it seems they cannot wait to send me off on my way home.

I have been off of work for 2 months (and I am now at risk of losing my high powered job in a large corporation) I am only 23, I just got married, and feel like an 80 year old on the brink of death. My husband has lost hundreds of pounds of pay because he has had to miss work to take me to multiple appointments and A&E so many times in the last 2 months. I believe that the Basildon Hospital have ruined my life, my career, my pregnancy, and potentially my chance of becoming a mother one day due to the infection in my uterus which is now spreading across my entire body. I am only 23.

This hospital has demonstrated no understanding of prompt treatment and sepsis prevention. The nurses and doctors here show a lack of education and compassion. Everyone I have told about my experience is absolutely disgusted. I will never ever visit Basildon Hospital again. My time on the gynecology ward has been absolutely shambolic. 

I stll have this undiagnosed kidney infection as they are discharging me tonight. I have an appointment at Marie Stopes tomorrow in the morning  and am sure I will be sent to a hospital in London or Chelmsford that can treat me for my severe and life threatening infection.