"Various issues with a receptionist"

About: Petroc Group Practice

(as a service user),

Have had various issues with a militant receptionist at this surgery. Whether it’s calling to book bloods, make an appointment or get results. Booking to have bloods done is a complete rigmarole, I am meant to have them regularly but don’t because of how difficult it is to actually get the appointment booked - it is the same with making appointments... you need to explain why you need to see a doctor even if you’re prebooking it in advance and not calling on the day. You get asked if it’s an emergency, obviously it’s not otherwise you’d be in hospital!

The results is the most worrying for me as I called for results and was told that my bloods were normal and this receptionist actively tried to stop me booking in with a doctor. When I saw the doctor I was advised that my bloods weren’t normal and my medication needed adjusting.

This is a safeguarding issue. 

Also the lack of respect and common courtesy in this practise is also a safeguarding issue. I have had mental health problems and have felt vulnerable speaking to this receptionist. How many others have been prevented seeing a doctor or have avoided calling in because they don’t want a dusting off from the receptionist.