"Classic example of failing NHS"

About: Kingsbridge Medical Centre

I would like to share few of my views and experience

1. Every time you call surgery for past several years there is a recorded message that we are short of staff and in the process of training.

I cant believe this can be true, they cant find basic administrative staff for over 2 years.

2. Geting appointment is impossibl, months of wait unless you lie to get an emergency appointment to be seen sooner.

3. All GP partners work mostly part time on average 3PA of clinical work and rest is covered by locum doctors, which is not always the case.

4. On most of occasion I experienced long wait past my appointment time before seen by doctor, how ever if you arrive 10 min late for any reason you will be refused to be seen

5. I am diabetic and also hypertensive, despite my personal request and recommendation by hospital doctors I was not givin any treatment for my high blood pressure management, especially pre OP which resulted in a heart attack during my operation.

6. Every time you get to see a different doctor which fails the concept of personal GP. You dont get care and follow up.

7. Systematic delays and deliberate budeget related techniques are in practice which is risking patients well being.

8 I made a complain to the manager but never had a responce back. Felt like practice have no regards of patients concern

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