"Poor Experience"

About: Pinderfields General Hospital

Previously had a cyst on my thyroid a year ago, had an appointment and was sent for tests and a needle biopsy the day of my appointment last year. I returned after being referred back by the doctors and had to get my appointment expedited due to the 28 week wait and the urgency of getting sorted due to previous family history. When I arrived my name wasn't on the screen by 8.55 when my appointment was at 9 so I took myself up to the department where I was then called in to my appointment 15 minutes after my appointment time. The Doctor I saw was different to last time and I felt neglected and made out like there wasn't a reason for me to be there although I have been getting worse and different symptoms because of my Thyroid. A request was put in for an ultrasound and needle biopsy which I now have to wait for an appointment to come through and have a cyst possibly growing more in that time and causing me to feel worse. As i handed the paperwork over to reception the doctor then came running out to send me for blood tests although my thyroid blood tests I had done at the doctors came back fine. I feel i should have been sorted there and then as I took the morning off of work and prepared to have it all sorted today like last time as I come from Bradford for the appointment and feel like it was a wasted journey.

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