"Coventry Hospital EPAU - Distressing and..."

About: University Hospital (Coventry)

Was referred to EPAU by Midwife from GP due to my PCOS. I was 6 weeks pregnant at the time. During my appointment with the EPAU, I was greeted by a very callous Midwife who showed no emotion and treated me like an inconvenience not a human being.

First, she questioned the reason why I was referred to EPAU at such an early stage. I informed that I have PCOS and have had some bleeding so am classed as high risk. Although my midwife called her directly from my GP when booking the appointment, so surely this would’ve been on my records. She then asked for a urine and blood sample. She then proceeded to tell me to undress from the waist down and lie on the table with the stirrups. After getting into position, she returned from testing my urine and bloods. She then abruptly informed me that an ultrasound was no longer required and told me to dress myself and return to her desk.

As I returned to the seat next to her, she threw percentages and statistics at me when explaining that a miscarriage was inevitable, with not as much as an ounce of emotion. My progesterone levels came back as 2% and HCG levels were 24%. I was told to visit and repeat the blood and urine tests again in a week’s time and if my progesterone levels showed less than 2% then that would indicate the Miscarriage has taken place.

The week after, I did the tests as instructed again at the EPAU. I voiced my concerns as I was bleeding a couple of days prior to my visit. However, I was told by the Nurse, that she merely takes blood tests and she cannot offer any advice and nor could she refer me to a midwife on the ward. Again, I was treated as a number. I was told to wait until 6pm for a phone call to confirm my progesterone and HCG levels. When I received this call, the Midwife said 1% progesterone and 9% HCG. She did not show any ounce of care or humanity. It was evident that it was just another routine call for her. All she did was quote the percentages. I asked if there was any support available for me. I was told No and then she hung up the phone and said Bye. This experience was traumatising for me on many levels but the way I was treated at the EPAU was absolutely disgraceful. I only hope that I never have to return there. I definitely would not choose to have any future babies there, even if there is a so-called specialised unit such as the EPAU. There aren’t any face to face support groups available in Coventry for Women who have suffered from a Miscarriage. This is definitely something that should be addressed.

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