"left feeling distraught"

About: New Birmingham Dental Hospital

following months if my dentist trying to refer me for an opinion on two teeth i eventauloy got an appointmentvwhich i assumed was with the named person being anxious following bad experience with a dentist i filled thd oerson in on what had happened and after years had only just confidence back i asked if hecwas consukrant kn ketter was told the ubderstidies have to examine you then send info to cobduktant i was anit wary he said im only going to look so i let him he was pushing ny face in and jaw hard and then started proding all my gums withcs pin like probe

my mourh was full of blood he never said you can spit out or rinse i had to get up myself as was almost gaging as he was still prodding to spit out then he starting wobbling all my teeth i couldnt stand anymore i couldnt understand when my dentist only wanted them to check too teeth why i had to go through all this i was very upset ive got numerous health issues having had cancer and heart issues didnt seem botheted .i got up went to receptiin asked to speak to someone in charge who said they think i needed to bd in a single room with main consultant thats what i assumed was going to happen its took years to build up my faith in t mins its all gone again

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