"Various problems - poor communication/procedures"

About: Cumberland Infirmary

Written complaint sent in today. For myself, attending for new boots, they didn't fit, was told they were the only ones I'd get before pressing the issue.

Then my daughter's problems. Long waits in A&E with no explanation of why surgeons needed to see her blood test results. 9 hours before things were explained. They told her "CRP levels are elevated and a surgeon will review her blood test" without being told this would need to be on a ward, they were waiting for a bed, or any reason why the surgeon's opinion was needed. In addition to waiting hours for a bed on the emergency assessment ward (without knowing we were or why), then the following day to be told it could be hours (after being told she could go home to return the next day) before she got her discharge papers with her waiting in a bed on the ward.

Little wonder we had to wait hours the day before to get a bed. Poor discharge procedures causing bed blocking.

Add on poorly fitting cannulas (causing her arm to swell because the IV drip was going into muscle rather than a vein). When she complained it hurt, she was told it shouldn't and it was then some hours before it was removed and the problem acknowledged. She had little sleep as a result of pain. Two days later another blood test into the bruising from the cannula without them being able to get a sample before another nurse came in to get a sample from her other room. None of this has helped a young girl who was phobic about needles before.

Other problems too... are addressed in the complaint. On the positive side, when you got to see a doctor, they were pleasant and helpful, but overall communication is poor.

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