"To many patients not enough doctors or..."

About: Northern Moor Medical Practice

When you want an appointment you have to call on the day withing minutes the appointments are taken and you are told to call back again tomorrow

You can go on the emergency call back list of it carnt wait till tomorrow but I've been on this 3 day consecutively and never got the call back

The staff are rude when it comes to getting appointments they have no empathy or sympathy

When seeing the GP if I have multiple issues as they build up as carnt get an appointment I'm told they only have enough time to deal with one issue and I need to choose which is most important to me , the occasion this happened I was suffering severe sickness constant vomiting and also severe pain from the road traffic accident I had had so I was to choose the pain over sickness as I thought that would pass but it turns out the gp had previously given me naproxen for pain as I am not allowed to take ibuprofen but the gp then tells me the sickness was caused by the naproxen which is a stronger version of ibuprofen so had I'd of choose this could of been missed

This surgery doesn't seem to be able to cope with the demand of its patients

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