"Had a fantastic experience, shocked at reviews"

Having waited for 9 months for appointments for the pain clinic at Calderdale & Huddersfield NHS Trust and now not having seen anyone for over 12 months since my last appointment I am so grateful for the help and support from the inhealth Pain Management team.

I admit I wasn’t to impressed by the CBT but being educated I knew most of the things I was being told and was already applying these to manage my chronic pain

My first meeting to discuss my issues for injections was a waste as the guy I saw just wasn’t listening, I persevered and saw the main Consultant who was very helpful. I was booked in for injections and the appointment came through for 2 months later which I had to decline for personal reasons

I’ve just had my injections at the Holme Valley Memorial in Huddersfield yesterday, a month later, and the 4 people I met were the kindest most helpful people I have met. Yes it wasn’t a pleasant experience but the support I received was exceptional as I did have minor complications after.

All I can say is patients need to know that they are the best people to judge what they are going through. Persevere to see the right people. I haven’t found the support I need from the hospital and am so grateful for the intervention of Inhealth.

Story from nhs.uk