"No faith or confidence"

About: BMI Healthcare

(as a service user),

Urology Department - BMI Ross Hall

After being diagnosed with a renal angiomyolipoma by private CT scan I was called by my consultant who informed me I had been referred for an embolisation due to haematuria.  I asked how long I could expect to wait as I am experiencing a lot of pain.  Bizarrely, the consultant said I was not in pain from the tumour, which was referred to as 'your fat lump' and very rudely said I should go to the doctor if I was having pain so it could be investigated.  Incredulous. 

I complained to Patient Affairs about the whole situation and having heard nothing from them nearly three weeks later, I called them.  They claimed to not have received my e-mail, it had strangely gone missing in transmission.  I forwarded the complaint again and called the X-Ray department to enquire about my position on the waiting list (which at the beginning of the month had been a 7 week wait) only to be told I wasn't on a waiting list for the embolisation procedure as my consultant had only sent a request to them after being informed of my complaint.

I then find out that I was referred, but to a different hospital, for an embolisation and that this request was then 'put on hold', by whom, I don't know.  My consultant requested another CT - more radiation - and another 8 week wait. I have not been informed of any of this. I was waiting to have an embolisation carried out within the next 3/4 week, or so I thought.  I have put in two separate complaints and am awaiting response.

Meanwhile I am in extreme pain, it is growing in intensity and frequency, the haematuria continues and my consultant doesn't seem to believe I have pain and my treatment has been significantly delayed.  Absolutely shocking.  I wonder who will be accountable if my tumour ruptures, which it could well do.  I have no faith or confidence.