"Anxiety Management group"

About: Specialist services / Short Term Educational Programme (STEP)

(as a staff member posting for a patient/service user),

"What did you find helpful about the course?"

- Understanding I’m not on my own

- Understanding the links of Emotion, behaviour etc.

- The STOPP and fact or opinion parts were really helpful and the breathing as well.

- Learning the science behind anxiety was very grounding

- Good techniques to choose from.

- Understanding what is happening to me.

"Did you find anything about the course unhelpful and if so what?"

- The breathing exercises.

What suggestions do you have for improvements to the course?

- Maybe a little longer or follow up course.

- Course is generally excellent.

What did you think about the facilitators and venue?

- outstanding

- Very Good

- Brilliant, Steve and Nic were really positive, welcoming and friendly and made attendance easier. Very relaxed but learnt so much.

- Really good, understanding easy going, helpful.