"Sent home without X ray"

About: Witney Miu and OOH

(as a service user),

I arrived at Witney MIU on a Saturday at the end of Sept. I asked the receptionist if I could see someone about my ankle. I was first told I don’t think I should be there as I hadn’t had a fall. I explained that I had fallen over but it was two weeks previous. I was reluctantly told I could wait but they were very busy. I waited three hours before being called in. My leg was swollen and very red and hot to touch. I explained that I had a fall two weeks before and my leg had got continuous worse since it started hurting four days before coming to the MIU. I was told that I had cellulitis and that they didn’t feel it needed a X-ray. I was given a course of antibiotics and sent on my way.

Although the redness had gone over the week I was still in agony. I was running out of antibiotics so I went to the doctor a week later & the doctor sent me straight back to the MIU Witney to get an X-ray on it.

I had indeed fractured it.