"Inconsiderate to my child who has a mental..."

About: Trinity Medical Centre

This medical centre is a joke!

Firstly, they lost our registration forms.

Secondly, they forgot to refer us to our specialist doctors.


Thirdly, When we finally met our new doctor for the first time she refused to treat my child's very painful ingrowing toenail of which still requires surgery. She was so negative to my son regarding his mental health condition saying "what do you want me to do about it?" He ended up being sedated in hospital for the night after a serious anxiety attack.

Finally, they have not prescribed my sons medication correctly. Despite contacting them and giving plenty of notice to prepare a prescription, we had to call 111 to get an out of hours doctor to prescribed an emergency prescription. This ended up as a disaster as two chemist refused to dispense the medication due to not having the drug and an incorrect DOB. This ordeal have resulted in my son refusing to communicate and hiding under his weighted blanket for the entire weekend.

I would not recommend this medical centre, they have caused serious harm to my child's health.

Story from nhs.uk