"Most doctor's just don't care"

About: Ritchie Street Group Practice

I've been registered with this practice for 5 years and the only thing they are good at is providing antibiotics. Everything that is chronic, not obvious or not urgent is just not on their list of things to do. I had to go privately to receive help with raging IBS because I was repeatedly ignored and made aware that I am wasting their precious time. And when I came pregnant to receive information from my GP, no only I was given none, but the doctor had to look up basic facts such as whether I can use ibuprofen, suggested if I have any pregnancy questions I read books, provided wrong information regarding maternity services and said NHS is not going to test me for anything or let me see a midwife until 12 weeks because if something is wrong, I will simply have a miscarriage. Because miscarriage, of course, is both simple and easy!!

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