"Missed Miscarriage at EPU Unit"

About: King's College Hospital (Denmark Hill) / Maternity

(as the patient),

I became pregnant in may 2019, i self referred myself to KC Hospital as it was the closest to me. I went for a reassurance scan at 7 and a half weeks and we were very happy to hear the heartbeat and that it was indeed in utero pregnancy.

Mid August i began bleeding very lightly and after trying several times to call the midwives unit (no answer) i called the hospitals general services for more information. They asked me to attend the EPU which i did, and after a 3.5hrs wait (i arrived at 9am and was seen at 12.45pm) the doctor very casually told me that she couldnt find a baby, a heartbeat and i had suffered a missed miscarriage. She then handed me a pamphlet and send me on my way. I was shell shocked at the waiting area, but decided to move to make more space for the large amount of people who needed seating. I did not receive a call from the midwife, and tried to call several times through the day to book a d&c. I got a call the next day at about 5pm, when i had already passed most of it (quite traumatizing, and with only a pamphlet to reference), telling me it was not necessary to do a d&c. She recommended i take paracetamol and/or ibuprofen and return to the EPU if the bleeding continued or got more intense, and if the pregnancy test was not negative within 3weeks. 3weeks later i returned to the EPU which was, as always filled to the brim with people, and asked the receptionist if i could be seen. She told me as i was not pregnant, and not bleeding or in pain, there was nothing they could do. So i went home.

5 months later i decided to visit a private GYN, just to make sure everything was ok as my cycles were in complete disarray. She was shocked as she checked my history and appalled not even a scan was done after the miscarriage, she confirmed that i had contracted an infection from the remaining tissue and waited with me while i received intravenous antibiotics. She told me i could have died, from toxic shock syndrome if i had waited longer to come in, and was absolutely horrified they had not at the very least given me a course of broad spectrum antibiotics at the EPU before sending me home.

What a difference paying for treatment in the UK made for me. I feel the treatment of miscarriage especially at the EPU was so cold and inhumane, and i was there for maybe 10mins tops after a 3+hr wait. 

My husband and i have been trying to conceive our first child for over 4 years, this miscarriage was our first success. The infection i developed from this event led me to see 2 other specialist who have contradicting opinions on whether or not i will ever be able to have children again following the PID. 

I should have sought medical attention from a private physician as soon as possible when I was sent home with no information after a tragic event such as this. 

I feel like the hospitals should offer at the very least a type of counselling following such an event. I have developed feelings of anxiety, depression, and isolation since, as well as a general fear of having to have any treatment done by doctors in the NHS.

Thanks for reading and god bless!