About: St. Johns Medical Centre

I am unhappy with the work of the reception staff. Some of the workers at the reception are very rude.A disabled person who asked to make an appointment with the doctor, was sent home and said if you have difficulty walking, call... he only needed prescriptions for new medicines, since he was after a private hospital and he needed the doctor to prescribe the new medicine.Moreover, they refused to give the results of the Blood test.Before that, there was a call and they said to sign up with a doctor since the results of the Blood test are not very good.We demanded to give our result since the elderly person was going on vacation tomorrow and we could go to a private doctor and prevent a problem Or maybe a person can’t go anywhere at all if the test is bad.The receptionist refused to give us our results. Why a person can’t have his bad blood test results, if something happens on Holiday, a heart attack or a stroke, Who will respond? Receptionist?They do not care what will happen to the person.

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