About: Waterside Medical Centre

My experience with this GP is really traumatic.

First of all I changed from this GP recently .

Second of all , I never saw myself making this kind of comments but had an outburst today 26.02.2018 after having some results from an endoscopy : chronic antral atrophic gastritis with helicobacter pylori infection.

Since late summer 2017 I had some stomach discomfort and pain especially in the epigastrium region and 'tried' to inform the GP of this issue several times with no luck. I went one night to NHS Walk in and they said the GP must check for gastritis and helicobacter infection.

But the GP insisted I was just fine , especially after general blood tests. I insisted for helicobater test , but every time they said : don`t worry , you are just fine , you are young , you are well. Later on , I complained again but I was advised I should loose weight (I am currently 90Kg) , because the specific muscle from the epigastric region has fever or spasms. It was difficult to believe , because anyone can make a difference between a stomach pain (correlated with eating) and a muscle pain.

Perhaps I am subjective giving all the facts, but it is obvious there is a big lack of compassion and interest for the patient at this surgery (or for some of the patients...)

I advise everyone , stay away from from this surgery , there are really good GPs out there...

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