"Remember Remember the 5th of November: Please Plan-Et With Care"

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Hi, I'm A Catherine Wheel and access adult local mental health services in Nottingham, City East, via the Stonebridge Centre.

Remember Remember the 5th of November: Please Plan- Et With Care 

This post concerns care plans. As A Catherine Wheel these plans are intended to light up the night sky in a Tropical Storm, follow the firework code, and ensure my return on a Silver Cloud to Burning Bush with the lead professional who Astra-nomically manages my care. My bonfire is piled high on a Standard care pathway, so the consultant psychiatrist is privileged, (sic(k), probably), to be my leading pro.
Please spare a thought for this consultant, Dr Fawkes. Fireworks come with government warnings about taking care, and how lighting up can seriously damage your health. And this is without the mission impossible of giving Dr Fawkes two distinct jobs to do in one consultation. To be a psychiatrist, or not to be a care manager, that is the issue. If the cap fits and all that. But no wonder Dr Fawkes seems worn out having to frequently exchange two stylish hats like that during the brief lives of one appointment. The other hazards we two Shooting Stars must face include:

1. When we consult in our Mystic Cone at the Stonebridge Centre, Dr Fawkes considers my considerable flare under the psychiatrist’s hat. When the hurly-burly’s done Dr Fawkes makes a decision of 17 weeks, 6, 9, 12 month's time, for when we two shall meet again. How long, how long does my care plan last? Where oh where did the other hat go? Lost to A Thunder Clap in Golden Rain.   

2. A Firefly on a Whistle Stop told me that the list at the end of my gp letter is my “care” “plan”. Didn’t the Institute of Mental Health research Care Plans a few years ago? Could have got lost in that Snow Storm on Mount Vesuvius I suppose.

3.Don’t try this at home, but have you ever got hold of Dr Fawkes in between the appointments? Jumping Jacks and Jumping Jills doesn’t come into it. As A Catherine Wheel I can get stuck mid-spin, despite my best fizz fizzles. Left sooo looong with this care plan, even my Olympic Torch, and that Mighty Atom hitting the Jackpot might not suffice. Oh Dr Fawkes, unbelievable as this might Rocket for you, sometimes I just want to say: hello, Harlequin. Regrettably even that Super Sonic Bang of Halley’s Comet doesn't get me that earlier appointment with you.

4.If any Smasher out there has phoned and been put through to Dr Fawkes directly, tell me how you did this, in Dragon’s Fire on a post card, please.

5. There’s things you need to know about psychiatrists. Their local knowledge and networking is for other purposes, and they don’t get out the Mystic Cone much. It’s the Trust’s fault, underneath their Floodlight, beside the Standard Traffic Light. How can the Trust expect psychiatrists to help with saucing Golden Fountains, Roman Candles, and bonfire locations for me to lighten up the social inclusion, if our Trust confines its Dr Fawkeses like this? And it’s a Boomer of a Screecher for A Catherine Wheel to have to meet in a tiny clinical setting to plan a care full roasting. I long to meet Dr Fawkes in one of those costing a lotta cafes to Cannon the plan. I’d stomp up for the skinniest of refreshment to share a Chrysanthemum Fountain and Crackers served on a Flying Saucer with my leading pro. 

6. Well, there’s a plan. I’ve gone according to plan (imaginatively). Now we need to review this plan. Please re-read the above. My fuse is running short.

7. I’m not sure Dr Fawkes, if you like me DIYing my care plans. And I know they are threadbare without you. Ages ago I found out my leading pro could also be a cpn, or social worker. Dr Fawkes, why didn’t you tell me? Didn’t you want me to make a Highball choice? Doesn’t seem right, you know, for you to have been given these two hatted hazards, and for both of us to undertake missions impossible. Still, would be great though if we could spend time on these plans, teamwork together, share the stories, and remember remember the 5th of November. Plan et with care.

8. You know what, I’m going to ask the Trust to think about this. Meanwhile Dr Fawkes, I reckon we’ve earned some Golden Delight, don’t you? 

A Catherine Wheel

In the Certain Ages, with nothing to lose and everything to gain.

(Source: 1950/60 firework names: pinterest.co.uk/nickfire/vintage-fireworks/ Accessed online: 3:24 Thursday 18 July 2019)
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Response from Sarah Toone, Service Manager, City LMHT East & South, 145 Thorneywood Mount, Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust 12 months ago
Sarah Toone
Service Manager, City LMHT East & South, 145 Thorneywood Mount,
Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust
Submitted on 09/08/2019 at 11:37
Published on Care Opinion at 11:37

Dear A Catherine Wheel

Apologies for this rather tardy reply to your most recent post. Your ability to articulate your experiences and views within a cleverly created narrative underpinned by your humour always make for an enjoyable and thought provoking read – thank you! I will share this with the team and colleagues, as I think it reminds us all to not forget the vast array of skills and knowledge we have in our teams that can go such a long way to contributing to care plans that are holistic and meet the wide range of needs we all have to truly achieve well-being. You have clearly seen first-hand the challenge for our doctors and other clinicians to offer a sound consultation whilst also considering all aspects of what your care plan should look like in 30 minutes and that it remains relevant to you in between appointments. Our standard is to review care plans at a minimum annually. Your care plan should be live and dynamic and I would encourage yourself and others to remember that you are the experts in your own care and what recovery looks like to you is deeply personal and individual, your hopes and goals are unique to you. I am sure at your next appointment with the doctor they would be only too happy to consider who else within or externally to the team could support you to achieve the goals in your care plan that you have identified – being the lead professional does not limit involvement to one person.

Please let me know if you don’t feel you are getting the opportunity to review or time to have those care plan conversations but in the meantime, I wish you all the very best


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Update posted by A Catherine Wheel (a service user)

Hi Sarah

Many thanks for your reply. No worries that you think it tardy. I only switched my laptop on today having passed it by since posting. Nothing to do with posting I must add.

As always your response is full, considerate, and has a way forward in it, which is something I think anyone posting on Care Opinion would love to have in a response. So thanks for all your responses to everyone, and to me this time.

I'm not up to replying just now but would really welcome the chance to. Maybe soon, or a bit after that.

Thanks for your good wishes, they are most welcome.

A Catherine Wheel

Response from Sarah Toone, Service Manager, City LMHT East & South, 145 Thorneywood Mount, Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust 12 months ago
Sarah Toone
Service Manager, City LMHT East & South, 145 Thorneywood Mount,
Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust
Submitted on 12/08/2019 at 15:11
Published on Care Opinion at 15:11

Thank you A Catherine Wheel, I'm glad you found my reply helpful, it is always easier to see a way forward when we share feedback and ideas with one another. I hope you feel more up to replying or whatever else it is you would like to be doing- soon!

Take care


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