"Waiting times are terrible, makes the whole..."

First of all the waiting area is open with patients from all over the place. It is not discreet at all. You are not seen at your given appointment time even if you arrive 15 minutes early. It took an hour for me to be called for the first step of consultation. Had to sit down again and wait for the next step, which took an additional 45 minutes. After that I was told to head to reception and I would get instructions on what to do next. Reception told me to go and come back in two hours as the Doctor had to sign off a prescription for the first stage of treatment. Guess what I came to reception 2 hours late as instructed (Bare in mind I’m frustrated at this point as I feel like I am being held hostage or punished in a weird way) and it’s still not ready. So it’s been nearly 5 hours since I arrived and I still have not been given any treatment yet although I have been seen and have had first and second consultation. This is absolutely ridiculous, it’s bad enough that you have to return on another day to get the second stage of treatment. I would not recommend anyone to use this service, you’ll be drained. Research other clinics that have same day treatment or read reviews before you proceed with any decisions, just to ensure you have the best experience possible for yourself!

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