"Where is the Triangle of Care?"

About: Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust / Mental Health Services for Older People – Community (County)

(as a carer),

On a Wednesday in June, I received a call from MHSOP at Bassetlaw asking if my husband was going to attend an appointment the following week. I amended this as I needed the car for my volunteering for the NHS and was offered the next available date which was the following week after that. However, within half an hour, I received a call from my husband's CPN, who specifically wanted to speak to him and not me.

The CPN made sure his appointment was kept for other date and told my husband that I wasn't to be involved regarding any appointment dates in the future and that they would only speak to him.

This made me feel very angry and upset and caused a nasty argument between me and my husband.

Where is 'The Triangle of Care'? As a carer I am entitled to be involved.


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Response from Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust 11 months ago
Submitted on 14/06/2019 at 13:15
Published on Care Opinion at 15:06

Hello my name is Karen Hampson, I am the Service Manger for Bassetlaw Community Mental Health Services in MHSOP. I am really very sorry that you have had this experience, Mental Health Service's for older People and the Trust work hard to promote carer involvement and the triangle of care is an important aspect to ensuring that we deliver this. It seems our service has fallen short of expectations in this instance and I would be really happy to talk with you to discuss the details and to look into this for you in more depth. If you would like this please ring:

My Telephone number is 01159691300 EXT 12670

kindest regards

Karen Hampson