"Fall resulting in shin injury"

My injury occurred 6 days previously. The wound was getting worse and looked infected and watery pus was dripping from it and the area around it especially below it was inflamed. It was exceedingly painfu and getting worse. I had no expectations from the walk in centre as a previous visit had resulted in the person I saw knowing nothing about how to feel for enlarged lymph nodes.

However the gentleman I saw, whom I have to wonder if he was a paramedic in the past was amazingly good. Can’t commend his treatment of the wound and myself enough. He told me what I was doing wrong and why. He then proceeded to treat the wound so gently and carefully. It looked so much better when he’d cleaned it up and finally put non stick silicon dressing on it which he assured me would not stick to the wound. He gave me spare dressings and Tod me how often to change them. I have just changed the dressings today and sure enough they did not stick and the wound is looking so much better. I wish I knew the gentleman’s name but I saw him on Sunday afternoon and he obviously had quite a lot of experience.

Story from nhs.uk